Why we need you

Every day, Aussie kids and their families face severe challenges from poverty, homelessness, violence and neglect, which means:
  • There are currently 761,000 (or 1 in 6) Aussie kids who are living in poverty*
    *Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) Poverty in Australia 2022
  • 62,000 Aussie kids require support from homelessness services **
    **AIHW 2022
  • 1 in 4 Aussie kids are exposed to domestic violence***
    ***Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearing House 2011 – The impact of Domestic violence on children: A literature review
  • Over 1,400 Aussie kids are exposed to abuse and neglect****
    ****AIHW Child Protection 2020-21

*Stock image. Models used for illustrative purposes.

What impact are we making?


With the support of champions like you, we’ve been able to change the game for so many Aussie kids, young people and their families. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we achieved in the last 12 months: 

15,209 Aussie kids, young people and families were assisted by Barnardos.

13,958 Aussie kids, young people and their families were supported by our Safety and Prevention programs.

6,646 were helped through referrals and information.

1,713 young people were assisted by our youth programs.

1,005 Aussie kids were assisted through early learning and education.

Take up the challenge

Make a difference and change the game for children

We’re asking every gamer and live streamer to help generate more awareness and donations for all Aussie kids. Kids who can’t play because of disadvantage, abuse or neglect. Come help us change the game. One stream at a time.





More to come in the following weeks




DreamBig 24

DreamBig 24 is a campaign that celebrates the strength of the streaming community and what we can achieve together to improve the lives of vulnerable Aussie kids in need. Do a charity stream for us and you will raise vital funds for Aussie kids living in poverty, are homeless or suffering from abuse and neglect. This means that we can support more kids and their families who desperately need our help. So come on!  Dream BIG and you can help us to change the game for children!



More to come in the following weeks…

Be a Champion

If you love what you do and want to make a positive impact on vulnerable Aussie kids while you do it, you’re ready to join League of Champions.

▉ Step 1: Sign up. 

Create your Tiltify profile, set your fundraiser and $ goal.

▉ Step 2: Choose your activity.

Play your favorite game, go live with chat, show off your latest DJ mix, do whatever you love to do.

▉ Step 3: Start fundraising. 

Share your fundraiser with your friends, family and community and start championing Australian children.

Exclusive merch.

Earn rewards as you raise more funds, including a League of Champions t-shirt, a League of Champions water bottle and a League of Champions hoodie! 

There really is no limit:

Raise $250 and receive a t-shirt
Raise $500 and receive a League of Champions water bottle.
Raise $1000 and receive a League of Champions hoodie